Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice that rebalances the body and its energy flow.

Life force, or energy, can become ‘stuck’ or ‘blocked’ in the body, in response to thoughts, feelings and experiences, and can cause a disruption of the flow of this energy. Reiki is a holistic treatment that can help to work through physical and emotional challenges in the mind, body and spirit.
A Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a simple, safe and a non-intrusive, hands-on treatment, where the client is fully clothed on a treatment bed or a chair. Treatments can be adapted to suit each client’s needs and ailments*. The practitioner uses traditional hand positions and some movements a few inches above the client’s body, to connect with the client’s energy field. Reiki then flows to where it is needed most.

Effects range from a deep sense of calm, increased energy and raising self-esteem, right through to profound inner healing.


In-Person Treatments

60-minutes - £48
30-minutes - £30
Note: New clients will be receive an extra 15 minutes for an initial discussion.

Distant Healing
30-minutes - £25

Treatments held at my home garden treatment room in Morden, South West London.

*Reiki treatments do not offer medical diagnosis or treatment.