Meditation is the practice of bringing conscious awareness to the mind and the body. Practised regularly, it can have profoundly positive effects on mental and physical well being.

It is well-known that meditation can help to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as promoting positive emotional health, increased self-awareness, improved concentration, and improved sleep. It can also help to develop positive self-image, kindness and compassion towards the self and others, and help to create an overall positive outlook on life.

Meditation need not be a scary thing.

It is simple and easy to learn.

There are many different types and methods to meditate. There is something that will resonate with every practitioner.

At re-Innergise, our short beginners’ courses in meditation are a great way to begin your meditation journey. With discussion, tips and guided short meditations, to get you started on your beautiful journey of self-awareness and self-transformation.

New online courses to be announced soon!